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You don’t have to write your book alone. No more trying to guess your way through it. You have a message inside of you. We can help get it out and get it written. Unlocking Your Book has guided thousands of people with a step-by-step plan that works. It will work for you too.

How Does Our 5-Step Plan Work? Writing Your Book Should Not Be A Confusing Mystery.

There are five parts to writing your book that you need so you can go from a book idea to your book ready for publishing.

How will the Unlocking Your Book Workshop help you learn the 5 Step Plan?

The Workbook

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The Writing Made Simple Workbook takes you through the 5-Step Plan so you know you are doing it right.

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The Mentoring Videos create massive momentum, clarity, and provide the support you are looking for.

The 5-Step Unlocking Your Book Plan is everything you need to remove confusion, get clarity, and know exactly what to do next to write that book that’s on the inside of you.

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Over 1,500 new authors have Unlocked their Book with this step-by-step plan.

A few success stories from people like you.

Barb Kepczyk

I have had so many prophetic words that I am to write my stories and of course that’s where the enemy hit me the hardest. UYB helped me get out of the boat, although my toes were clinching the edge. I gave Jesus my “Yes.” Each time Patricia and Brian prayed hot tears rolled down my face, affirming I was to write. I have no idea what this book looks like but He has my yes and I burn with a message.

Laura O'Bryan

The Lord showed me that the spiritual warfare of distraction is real on the first day. On the second day Patricia taught on the warfare affects. Now I realize how much the enemy doesn’t want my message to be heard. I am asking God for a prayer strategy and for a decree against distractions. The most powerful part of the workshop was when I felt the anointing on day 2 of Patricia’s prayer and Brian’s prayer for us. It literally unlocked my writing again! Since then, it has been easier to write. Thank you!

Paulette Belleville

He has encourage me to write My Story. You are right, the topic maybe one that many have written about but telling your story maybe the story that reaches someone who needs to read it and be healed. We are on the same tapestry hanging by a thread until we are woven into it.

Amy Krauss Grieser

I have been getting downloads of new understanding on specific life events that I am to write about that I didn’t have clarity on before 🙌🏻 I feel not only Called to write but now also Equipped to get these books across the finish line 🔥 Thank You for pouring into us ❤️

Darlene Goodwin

The concept of being a living pencil in the Father’s hand, and Patricia’s insight regarding time! Thank you again- it was all so good!

Pamela McPhail

Takeaways from today: I am a pioneer! Yeah Surround myself with a Creative tribe – Stir my heart in the secret places of the Most. Will listen to the remainder tonight. So Blessed by the Anointed message. 🔥🔥🔥

JeFreda R. Brown

I realized how perfect God’s timing is. I sent my book proposal to a friend who is a literary agent back in February 2022, after God told me to write a book. She literally just got back to me early last week to let me know that she doesn’t have time to represent me or help me. I signed up for this workshop later the same day. I’m excited to complete the course and look forward to also participating in the mentoring program. One of the prophets at my church told me back in June that God said that my book is going to be successful. That lit a fire under me.

Susan Williams

I was hanging on every word spoken by both Patricia and Brian, but what resonated with me the most was how important it is to stay in the Holy Spirit flow (and practical ways to do so) so that what comes out of me is original, fresh and alive — and infused with God-breathed inspiration. I also now see writing as a journey — as an invitation to partner with God to birth something into written form from His heart through the lense of my own heart and experiences. I also loved the nugget about how our messes become our greatest messages. This was SO, SO, SO good! Thank you!

Kim Wilson

There was so much to take away, and plenty of it already mentioned in the comments. Something that really reasonated with me was that I’m super-sensitive to my surroundings, and struggle to do any art due to not having the right space – in addition to the warfare I experience. So this is something I can now see with more understanding with regards to both the writing and the art. And now I have the tools to empower me. Thank you!

Cindy Tyler Wallace

The practical tips on scheduling time to write, and reading after other writers etc. Ways to stay motivated basically…I needed it all! Patricia refreshed me on tools of spiritual warfare. All sessions have been such an inspiration to me!

Va Vulangi Tapu

Im encouraged with what Patricia King share about Pray and fast.I totaly believe the Power of Pray and fast that help to remove mountains or spirit of oppisirion that come against us during our writing seson.Awesome Patricia.Blessings!

Darlene C Ellis

It’s truly hard to pick one great takeaway. I needed this. Patricia and Brian blessed me so much. 7:00am this morning, I was writing in my journal. I felt the presence of God while I was writing. I am an author!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Connie Waters

I received encouragement from the team efforts of UYB, to help us and unstick me to Creatively Birth His Story in me. To lift others’ souls with our Triune Gods’ perspectives through my life lessons that will honor those who caused pain. My suffering became precious gems out of many trials, as God’s creative inspiration and guiding love will fashion my books.

Suzanne Roberts

Day One was inspirational to say the least! I loved every moment. You could see that both Patricia and Brian had spent much time with the Lord asking Him to be able to communicate the value of the Message that we carry. I LOVED the Decrees. And I loved Brian’s instruction to write something every day. Even if it’s only one sentence. So good! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Shannon Garrison

The reminder to continually consecrate and purify my heart throughout this process so the word will remain pure and carry true authority… and I loved all of the good reminders of the spiritual practices that need to be a part of daily life to help keep the word pure. The greatest work I will do in regards to my book is not in the writing, the editing, the publishing or distribution of the book. It’s in the preparation of my heart!!! ♥️

God is breathing on a new breed of authors who are receiving book assignments from heaven.

It’s Time!

God called you to write a book. We're going to help take out the guesswork.

The New Era of Authors

They will write books that shift and reform families, cities, and nations.

Embrace the Message

Write a book that causes people to encounter God.

Your Are a Voice

Come out of your cave and be the messenger God has called you to be.

Sit With the Lamb

He’ll be whispering in your ear while you write.

Want to know what you get?

Here's everything you get with your Unlocking Your Book Workshop!

Get guidance writing your book

1) The Problem

Without the practical guidance you need to write a book and get it published, you’ll waste time, money, and keep putting off the book you’re called to write.

Writing experts so you don’t figure it out alone

2) The Solution

Save your spot and get access to everything you need through professional coaching, a video course, and support so you can cross the finish line of unlocking and writing your book.

Follow a proven process that is guaranteed to work.

3) The Results

Your step-by-step plan and writing mentors will have you crossing the finish line of writing that book.
Dreams That Came True

Books published through our step-by-step plan.

More happy members!

Tammy Hernandez

I cannot recommend it enough! I had already started writing my first book when I joined, but I got STUCK right at the end. I discovered this at the perfect time. I will FOREVER be grateful for all the help I’ve received!

Chuck Denningham

After receiving several prophetic words over period of 3-4 years from different men and women in different areas of the country I finally decided to start writing. They made this journey so much fun and I have learned so much about the process of writing.

Erin Good Miranda

This course provides a phenomenal spectrum of information for writers of all levels. I’ve found perspective that my voice matters and that I need to steward well the message that God has given me.

Glenda Bigalky

I had no idea the level of support I was going to receive when Holy Spirit prompted me to sign up for the mentoring. The team is amazing ~ not only knowledgeable and encouraging, but incredibly authentic, fun and patient! Best decision I’ve made in a long time!!

Angie Stumbo

I’ve signed up for many writing courses. This is the first that has done what they promised in every category. They have amazing mentors, give great tips and guides in the nuts and bolts of writing but leave you room to discover your own voice.

Michael Wettrich

These guys are on a whole other level! Classes They are empowering writers with the tools and resources they need to fulfill God’s assignment for lives.

Janene Forlong

All my questions are being answered, I am receiving the help I desperately needed, my second book has been unlocked and the manuscript has been submitted in such a short time …WOW! God has used this to unlock me and what he has called me to do for him.

Deanna Hutchison

After day 1 of the workshop, I felt ready to write the book God has placed in me. Identifying the problem, solution, and result was EXACTLY the direction I was looking for to help me figure out how to tell the message. I already know who my audience is. The activation prayers each day were also huge. Let’s go!

Marianne Aguilar

I loved the times I was able to be live with the group. Holy Spirit spoke to me, and although I’m navigating a difficult time working many hours and dealing with the loss of a family member and memorial preparations, I know it was the Lord’s timing for the seeds that were planted. I’m looking forward to the harvest, taking one step at a time! Thank you all for your hearts for the Lord and for people.

Matthew G Turner

I’ve been told so many times I should write a book because my life story is so eye opening and powerful. But the thought of writing it myself was quite the obstacle. I decided to take the plunge and the very thing I was struggling with, which was doing it alone with no experience, melted away with every session.

Chara Presley

This has given me the courage and the confidence to sit in God’s presence and let the book flow out of my heart. It has become much more simple than I realized and I am in awe of the process. I feel God’s joy and know He has broken a new barrier in me. I had no idea I was an author, but I am!

Joy Sands

Being part of this thriving community is such a blessing The content exceeded my expectations.and the plethora of mentors were real about their struggles and successes. Always increasing and growing in wisdom and understanding of the process.

Chara Presley

This has given me the courage and the confidence to sit in God’s presence and let the book flow out of my heart. It has become much more simple than I realized and I am in awe of the process. I feel God’s joy and know He has broken a new barrier in me. I had no idea I was an author, but I am!

Joy Sands

Being part of this thriving community is such a blessing The content exceeded my expectations.and the plethora of mentors were real about their struggles and successes. Always increasing and growing in wisdom and understanding of the process.

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Does the LIVE Unlocking Your Book Workshop include publishing.

No, but we do cover publishing in the workbook as well as our video course offer. The workshop and workbook will get your book written and ready to submit your manuscript. We do offer publishing outside of the workshop once you have written your book.

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